Setellite 2 ManualEXPORTExport References

Export References

This format exports a selection of references to one or multiple ZIP archives. A CSV file is always included,  containing all data from the selected references (including title, notes, timestamp etc.) and can be used to link the files to their associated slates.

1. File Naming

  1. Title
    The reference title is used. If no title has been given to the reference 'UnknownReference' is used.
  2. Timestamp
    The timestamp of the creation of the reference is used as filename. The used formatting is YYYYMMDDHHmmss with a 24h-base for the time.
  3. Serial Number
    Each file is given an incrementing number, starting from 0. 

All fillenames have the project title prepended. When Title or Timestamp is selected but multiple items with the same filename are being exported, a serial number is appended to make sure all files have an unique name.

2. Max Archive Size

Determines the maximum file size of each archive. When this setting is set to Unlimited a single archive is created, containing all files from the export. Other options split up the archive in 1 GB, 500 MB, 250 MB or 100 MB files. Note that due to the limited memory available on the iPad, it might be necessary to split up the archive when exporting a large batch of references.

3. Mappings

In the mapping section, a selection of references can be made that is included in the export. When using the selection tool on the Project- or Slate reference page and tapping the export button the selection of references is automatically used in the export's reference mapping.