Concept & Use

Setellite enables you to collect and register all your on set visual effects data in an organized and effective way. Designed to be used during a (vfx) shoot, Setellite keeps track of all scene-, weather-, location-, camera-, take-, plate- and reference data on a per slate basis.Setellite is build around the concept of creating digital forms that are linked to the system of slates and takes used on any regular filmset and in post production afterwards. Real time, synchronized project sharing allows multiple users on the same set (or supervising different units) to work simultaneously with Setellite.

A typical Setellite workflow looks like this:

  1. Create an account on Setellite’s website and choose a subscription type
  2. Download the Setellite iPad app from the App Store
  3. Login on your iPad or on the website
  4. Create a new project
  5. Go to 'Project Details' and fill out your specs
  6. Go to Gear and add your (project specific) items such as cameras and lenses

NOTE: go to Library to add custom items if not present under Gear

  1. Go to Slates and start adding your vfx data (while on set or preparatory)
  2. Add a new take and cameras that participate/record in the take
  3. You can add References to slates. For instance: take photos and draw on them.
  4. Export your data as a CSV or PDF file

All the data you collect is synchronized with the server and can be accessed on the website.