Setellite 2 ManualSLATESThe Main Vertical Bar

The Main Vertical Bar

The MVB features a vertical row of buttons to access the main categories for each slate:

  1. Main
    All main info for a slate can be collected under this tab. The slate's number, the VFX work that needs to be done and more.
  2. Cameras
    Define what cameras are involved in this slate.
  3. Takes
    Take details and all info regarding cameras that are involved in recording a particular take.
  4. Ref
    References (photos, videos, drawings, audio recordings) associated with the slate.
  5. Summary
    A brief overview of the most important info of the slate.

All buttons, except Main and Summary, expand when pressed and hold to create new items.

At the top, the slate’s thumbnail is shown. By default, the Setellite logo is used as a placeholder. See
References on how to change the slate’s thumbnail.

The five buttons each have a specific and consistently coloured vertical bar at the right side. This colour is also featured within each Ticket to clearly distinguish between the main elements for each slate.

Whenever one of the buttons is selected and the slate pane is visible, switching between slates keeps the current ticket active. You can easily compare, for instance, the different camera settings between two or more slates if you switch between them.

On the website, the buttons representing the MVB are laid out as the top horizontal navigation.