Quick Select Bar

The Quick Select Bar provides instant access to often used tools and is always present in the UI.

  1. Scheme
    tap to toggle between a bright and dark theme for shooting outside in bright daylight or inside in a low light situation.
  2. Camera
    Quickly bring up the iPad’s camera to take a photo or record a video. Import one or multiple captured items as a reference.

- If the camera is accessed from the Project Dashboard, photos and videos are not linked to any slate but saved as ‘project references’.

- If the camera is accessed when working in a Slate, the created references are linked to the slate involved and are also available under the slate’s reference.

  1. Slateboard
    Bring up the fullscreen slateboard to hold in front of the camera and record additional information. Please see ‘Slateboard’ for more details.
  2. Note
    Almost every item in Setellite can contain a Note. To add a note to for instance a Camera, simply press the Note button when filling out camera data and enter your note. A dialogue appears. The note automatically creates a header with the ‘path’ of the camera: ‘Slate 91: Camera A’. Close the note by tapping the downward arrow in the upper right corner of the dialogue and your note is saved. A small badge on the Note button indicates that the current item contains a note. Press the button again to add more notes or edit previous entries.

    For more info on (Project) Notes, please see ‘Notes (Project)’