Gear is one of the pivotal concepts in terms of speed Setellite has to offer. Gear allows you to preselect all the gear the film crew will use during the shoot. This selection is picked for the particular project you're working on and is drawn from the Library. So, if the production uses multiple cameras, lenses and filters, you add the appropriate items. This selection will make up your shortlist throughout the project and can be quickly selected on various places.

Think of Gear as a custom package you assemble out of a larger 'warehouse' (the Library). Your Library list will always be available ‘app wide’, while your Gear is project-specific. Therefore, new items have to be created in the library and are selectable under Gear afterwards. It is not possible to set up a new camera directly under Gear.

See Library on how to create a new camera, lens or filter.

To add a new Gear item

Press and hold to expand the Cameras, Lenses or Filters button and select ‘New’.

On the website: click the ‘+’ symbol.

Choose your item from the list that appears in the right pane. The list featured here is drawn from the Library, which is connected to your account and acts as a central database for all the equipment.

The Library holds presets offered by Setellite, as well as 'custom cameras' (which can also contain shared cameras you have obtained by collaborating on projects).

After you have chosen a camera, lens or filter, Setellite offers you the possibility to set default properties for each item. Setellite will assume these values as defaults every time a gear item is selected. For instance, the shutter of the main camera will be pretty much the same throughout the production and just occasionally be altered. 'Manually overwriting' the shutter value in these occasions will be the faster and more convenient choice.

You can add a Serial Numbers and unique Gear ID to distinguish multiple items from the same brand and/or make (e.g. lenses from the same manufacturer with the same focal length).

On the iPad app, multiple items (under Cameras, Lenses or Filters) are displayed as stacked bars. Tap on a bar to open the item’s details.

To remove a Gear item

Remove an item by tapping or clicking the cross in the red box on the right side of the bar. This will remove the item from your project’s Gear, but not from the Library.