References (project)

References created throughout your project are collected here and can be reviewed and edited.

The left pane shows a grid of thumbnails of your project’s references. In this overview, different types of references are mixed (photos, videos, drawings, audio notes) and sorted newest (bottom) to oldest (top).

To add a new Reference item

By adding a reference here, it will at first not be linked to any slate (unlike adding or creating a reference under a specific slate, which will then be automatically be linked to that slate).

Press the + symbol in the lower left corner of the pane to reveal a bar of different reference types to create: camera (new photo or video from the iPad’s camera), drawing, audio (note), and roll (the iPad’s photo roll).


The Select menu gives you different options on selecting one or multiple references from the grid.

Select All to select all references (1), Deselect All to select none (2) and Inverse will leave out the selected slates (3).

Once the selection is made, the top menu offers to export the selected references to the iPad’s photo roll or delete the selected references (4). Cancel takes you out of the Select menu (5).

Reference detail

Clicking a thumbnail will show a larger version of the reference on the right, together with additional information:

  1. The reference’s name.
  2. All slates the reference is linked to. A single reference can be linked to multiple slates. For instance: a photo of a light setup that applies to more than one camera angle can be linked to all the slates that uses this same light setup.
  3. Note field for additional information about the reference.
    If the reference is a video, player controls and full screen options are presented.
    If the reference is an audio note, player controls are presented.
  4. Enlarge and/or edit. This is the reference edit button. Click it to further enlarge the reference and/or access additional options. Please refer to Drawing Tools for more info on drawings. iPad app only.
  5. Rotate and flip. This feature lets you rotate the reference to correct portrait and landscape orientation or flip it horizontal or vertical.
  6. Set as thumb (icon with the Setellite logo). Set the current reference as the thumbnail of the selected slate (the thumbnail in the slate list).
  7. Export (H). Export the selected reference(s) to the iPad’s photo roll.
  8. Reference Link Manager (RLM). Displays a list of all the slates in your project and to which slates the current reference is linked. You can also see to which slates the reference is currently linked directly below the reference.
  9. Unlink the current reference from this slate (the reference is not deleted, but no longer 'connected' to the slate).
  10. Delete (I). Delete the selected reference(s).

*The project’s image can also be changed under Project Details > General