Setellite 2 ManualEXPORTExport to ShotGrid (Beta)

Export to ShotGrid (Beta)

For a successful export from Setellite to ShotGrid, an entity needs to be set up on the ShotGrid side first. Please follow the steps below.

ShotGrid (SG) is a shot-management tool that can be used to track, plan and review Shots, Assets and other objects across the post production pipeline. This export format will allow you to export data directly from Setellite to a ShotGrid server of your choice. For more information about ShotGrid, visit


In the Slates mappings section, a selection of slates can be made that is included in the export. When using the Slates Filter and tapping the export button, the filtered selection of slates is automatically applied to the export's Slate mappings.

Shotgun server

When creating a new server, you need to sign in to the SG server using your personal SG credentials.

At the moment the only functioning authentication method is with an API token, which can be generated by creating a new script in the 'scripts' menu item in ShotGrid.

The export feature is guaranteed to work only for accounts that have already fully migrated to Autodesk.

After selecting the 'API KEY' authentication method, a prompt with the following fields will be displayed:

  1. Server Name
    A name that you can distinguish the server by if you have multiple SG servers setup in Setellite.
  2. Server Address
    The address of your SG server, this is the same as what you would type into your browser to access your SG site. Please fill out the full address (including https://) and without any trailing /.
  3. Client API ID
    The name of the script that you use to authenticate.
  4. API Secret
    The API key (also called 'application key') that you have generated in ShotGrid.

After the server is created, changes can still be made by selecting the server and tapping 'Update Server'. However, the chosen authentication method cannot be changed after the server has been created. You can delete any created server by selecting the server and tapping 'Delete Server'.

The ShotGrid export format is currently in public beta and will receive several updates in the near future. Please let us know about any issues or bugs you experience so we can address them as soon as possible.

Setting up ShotGrid

Starting from version 2.5.0, it is no longer necessary to configure the fields in ShotGrid. It is required to have an enabled entity named "Setellite Export", which will be shown up pluralized as "Setellite Exports". Once this entity is enabled, any missing field will be created automatically during the export.