Welcome to Setellite 2!
You have chosen a solution to organize all your on set visual effects data in a convenient and structured way.

This manual covers both the Setellite 2 iPad app and website (or ‘web readout’). Although they are identical in most ways, the location of some of the functionality and features may differ. The iPad app will be used as the main guide to go through Setellite’s features.

You can use chapters, index or search to jump to a specific topic.

Setellite 1 has preceded Setellite 2 with its release in 2012 and is still available on the app Store. Whenever we refer to ‘Setellite’ in this manual, Setellite 2 is always meant.

We assume the reader/user has a basic understanding of the workings of both an iPad and internet browser and is familiar with industry specific terminology.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you might have: info@setellite.nl
For more details and step-by-step guides, please visit www.setellite.nl

We hope Setellite will become (or continues to be)  a valuable tool in your workflow as a visual effects professional.

The Setellite Crew,

Dennis Kleyn - Product manager
Frank van der Peet - Lead developer

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